Case Study 02

Becoming a Financial Planner

Elizabeth has been working as a financial planner for about 6 years, but realises that without being a partner in the firm she works for, her earning potential is limited. However, she also realises that starting her own financial planning business will be hard without a known brand behind her.

With this in mind, Elizabeth calls Jim’s Financial Services. Elizabeth wants to start her own Jim’s Financial Planning franchise, and given her years of experience in the field, gets an interview straight away. During the interview, Elizabeth asks the franchisor about why she should choose Jim’s over all of the other financial planning franchise options available.

The franchisor tells Elizabeth that because of Jim’s massive customer base, she’ll have a pipeline to over one-million existing customers, plus she’ll receive all the support she needs while her business gets off the ground.

Elizabeth likes what she hears, but being a tough customer, asks if there is anything else Jim’s can offer. The franchisor tells Elizabeth that she’ll benefit from a nationwide, multi-platform marketing and advertising initiative across TV, radio and print.

Elizabeth sleeps on it and weighs up the benefits of joining the Jim’s Group. After some consideration, she decides that both the Jim’s Group’s massive customer base, and trusted reputation in the community, are both very strong selling points. Elizabeth agrees to the terms and gets on board.

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