Personal Loans

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Personal Loans

A personal loan can help you pay for something special like a holiday, wedding or home renovation sooner rather than later.  There are times in life when a little extra money would come in handy.  We’re here to provide you a personal loan that is designed to suit your needs.

A Personal Loan is money borrowed over 1-5 years and can be repaid in easy instalments over a period of time.  Repayment terms are usually monthly but if you’d like to pay it off earlier you have the option to do so. This will help reduce the interest rate which will save you money.  It’s a great option to use for those unaccounted emergencies that sometimes pop up in life.

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Personal Loans - made simple

  • Apply today
  • Quick & easy application
  • Flexible repayments
  • Fixed interest rates
  • Loans up to $35k

Do you require funds for any of the following:

  • Holiday
  • Home improvements
  • Medical or dental procedure
  • Planning a wedding
  • Re-pay a family member
  • Educational expenses
  • Small debts
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