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Jim's Financial Services

Joining a trusted franchise has two major advantages. On one hand, you get to be your own boss, on the other, you receive all the benefits of a tried and tested business model. Naturally, all franchises involve the payment of fees, however we feel that Jim’s Group offers numerous advantages that make us stand out from the crowd.

Jim's Home Loans

Jim’s Home Loans will help Aussie families, businesses and individuals secure financing for buying, building, renovating and financing property. Your job as a Jim’s Home Loan professional will be to assess each customer’s circumstances and find them the most appropriate loan arrangement for their needs and aspirations.

As a Jim’s Home Loan professional, your outstanding level of customer service, attention to detail and willingness to go beyond the call of duty, will ensure your place as a trusted, reliable and commendable source of home loans and loan advice, in the lives of your customers and their friends.

Jim's Vehicle Leasing

Jim’s Vehicle Leasing will help Aussie families, businesses and individuals purchase, hire and finance vehicles for personal and business purposes. One of the most important parts of your job is understanding your customer’s circumstances, needs and goals, in order to match them to the most appropriate vehicle finance arrangement.

As a Jim’s Vehicle Leasing professional, you’ll have an intimate understanding of all of our vehicle leasing products. This will help you provide your customers with the efficient, friendly and professional service they expect from the Jim’s brand.

Jim's Openpay

With Jim’s Openpay you can take control of your payments and manager them all in one place.  We can provide finance for Jim’s services via Jim’s Openpay.  Get instantly approved and start shopping now.  There are flexible payment plans that you control.  It’s easy to set-up, manage, and make additional payment via the app.

Jim's Car Loans

Our vehicle specialists will take all the hassle away from financing a new or used car as well as sourcing the right car at the right prices.  We have access to dealerships from all over the country and we can offer exceptional customer service by negotiating prices on your behalf from the comfort of your own home or office.

Small Business Finance

At Jim’s Finance, we have well-established relationships with a range of marketplace lenders. Our experienced finance consultants will assess your current situation and get you the start up cash you need for your business. Sounds interesting? Send us your query now and let us get in touch with you.

Personal Loans

Do you need some fast cash to help you with cash flow for a holiday or debt consolidation?  Apply for a personal loan today.  Other considerations for use on a personal loan can be for home improvements, medical or dental procedures, planning a wedding or if you have re-pay a family member back on monies lent.  It’s quick and easy and we’ll show you how.

Need it Done? Jim’s the One!

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