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Jim’s Home Loans: Adelaide

Get involved in one of world’s most successful franchises… Ready-made leads from the many Jim’s Group franchisees plus other revenue streams; business planning assistance & mentoring.

Marketing support for Jim’s Home Loans Adelaide franchisees

• Strong stream of warm leads from over 4,000 existing Jim’s franchisees and franchisors
• Regular extra leads from the new Jim’s franchisees joining monthly
• E-newsletters/exclusive offers that drive instant sales across the entire Jim’s customer base (400,000 transactions pa)
• Full training and ongoing mentoring from one of Australia’s eminent mortgage authorities
• Your own website link
• Social media support- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Adwords, SEO
• Compelling marketing collateral, strategic advertising, PR

Training Provided

Donʼt think weʼre just going to throw you in at the deep end. Jimʼs prides itself on being one of the worldʼs best franchisors & weʼll be there to offer as much help as youʼll need until youʼre able to stand on your own.

We provide:

• Training for new franchisees (sales, systems and procedures, compliance, role playing, regular national meetings, negotiation, managing objections, products, etc)
• Product, technical & industry updates
• Business planning & training
• SEO, SEM & social media
• Efficient & accurate payment of commissions


Once accepted, youʼll complete our in-house training to ensure you have the skills and the confidence required to succeed as an empowered, professional and successful franchise owner in vehicle leasing and finance.

Our internal mentor will support you every step of the way.


jims franchisejims franchise

GOLD Award 2015 for “Excellent Franchisee Support” – Jim’s Financial Services

GOLD Award 2015 For “Franchisor of the Year” – Jim’s Financial Services

GOLD Award 2016 for “Excellent Franchisee Support” – Jim’s Financial Services

About Jim’s Home Loans

Many people spend their entire lives working for someone else, but if youʼre here, youʼve decided that you want more from your life and your career.

Starting your own business is a life changing decision and our approach during this process is to be as open and transparent as possible, giving you all the information that you need to make an informed choice about whether Jimʼs is right for you.

The Jimʼs Group is an iconic and trusted Australian brand that services thousands of satisfied customers across the country. We have more than 3000 franchisees, over 38 divisions and are one of the worldʼs most successful franchise operations. Becoming part of the Jimʼs Group means youʼll be represented and supported by one of Australiaʼs favourite brands, and will benefit from all of our lead generation and marketing initiatives.

Home & Business Loans

The Australian housing loan market is worth $1.2 trillion a year and is growing steadily. Currently, there are around 580,000 housing loans written per-annum and over 50% of these are introduced through brokers. This amounts to a potential 240,000 loans that you could introduce to your customers.

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Jimʼs Home Loans will offer:

franchise opportunitiesJims's Financial servicesJims's Financial servicesJims's Financial servicesJims's Financial servicesJims's Financial servicesJims's Financial servicesJims's Financial servicesJims's Financial services

A mortgage brokering business can take up to 6-9 months to turn an income. By adding a Jimʼs Vehicle Leasing franchise to your Jimʼs Home Loans business, you can start earning income right away.


If you would like to take the first step towards financial freedom and the above information resonates with you, give us a call to arrange a meeting and weʼll go through the process in more detail.

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