Jim’s Openpay

Jim's Openpay

Never pay interest.

A payment system that works for you.

Never pay interest

With Jim’s Openpay you can take control of your payments and manager them all in one place.  We can provide finance for Jim’s services via Jim’s Openpay.  Get instantly approved and start shopping now.  There are flexible payment plans that you control.  It’s easy to set-up, manage, and make additional payment via the app.

You can choose when you pay and how often with flexible weekly or fortnightly payment plans.

What is a payment system?

A payment system can be set-up to settle financial purchases over a period of time instead paying for them up-front.  It helps with cash flow along with enabling you to purchase goods now rather than later.  We describe it like a modern day lay-by whereby you can take the goods home straight away without waiting to save for them.

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